Connecticut's Premier Airsoft Source


Games hosted every weekend at our indoor and outdoor fields!
  • -60 Acre outdoor field

    Come play every Sunday at our 60 acre outdoor field with average player counts of 50+ people. Hours for open play are 10am-4pm 203-879-7766 (read more below)

  • -Ground Zero Airsoft Store (wolcott)

    To pair with our outdoor field is the Wolcott store. We keep a wide variety of AEG's, GBB's and some spring rifles as well as parts and an onsight tech during weekdays. This is your one stop airsoft pro-shop. 203-879-7766 (read more below)

  • -15,000 square foot indoor CQB

    We also have our 15,000 sqft indoor airsoft facility located in Waterbury for some intense CQB action. Games hosted weekly on Friday evenings and Saturday. 203-527-3262 (read more below)

  • -Ground Zero Airsoft Store (waterbury)

    We also have our waterbury store located in the building next to our CQB field. We carry all of your essentials such as BB's, Gas, Masks and spare parts. You can even drop guns off for repair that will be transported by us up to the Wolcott store. 203-527-3626 (read more below)

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