Field Info



FPS Limits:
Standard rifles/pistols up to 400 fps w/.20g bb
Sniper/DMR up to 500 fps w/.20g bb

After passing chrono you can use the BB weight of your choosing.

Outdoor Field:
We ask that you please pay first at our store 1254 Wolcott rd, Wolcott Ct 06716

The field itself is located at 243 Wolcott rd, Terryville Ct 06786

Phone: 203-879-7766

Saturday available to Birthday parties and private events
Sunday Walk on 10am to 4pm $25

Special Events $35 all day scenarios.

Birthday party and field rental prices

We are proud to announce that Ground Zero Airsoft USA is now hosting birthday parties. The parties are to be held on Saturdays. they are first come first serve basis. The parties are scheduled for 3 hours. Additional Time is available for a surcharge of $70 per hour. This must be agreed upon at the time of reservation. A 50% non refundable deposit is required to hold the field. In the case of rain, there is a rain check option. Please feel free to call with questions.

Here is a list of cost. All parties include pizza and a drink.

1-5       $275 2 pizzas and water/soda

6-10     $350   3-4 pizzas and water/soda

11-15     $400   4-5 pizzas and water/soda

16-20    $450   5-6 pizzas and water/soda

BB’s for the Birthday Parties will be available for a discounted rate of $15 per bag. All participants in the party will also receive 10% off of all purchases.

Rentals are also available for the birthday at a cost of $15 per each player.

Ground Zero Airsoft USA Rental policy Ground Zero Airsoft USA offers rental AEGs (Automatic Electric Gun) to customers as a courtesy. Please treat them with the same respect that you would if they were your own. When renting an AEG from Ground Zero Airsoft USA your liability is as follows:

If the AEG breaks internally, stops feeding because of a mechanical defect, the electrical system malfunctions due to a mechanical defect, the magazine stops feeding, or the trigger assembly stops performing at an acceptable level, there is no liability to the consumer.

Items that are the responsibility of the borrower include broken external parts of the AEG caused from user error. Some examples would be a lost magazine in the field, a broken body of the AEG from a slip or fall onto the AEG, a broken pistol grip because of mishandling from the consumer.

The cost for Rentals is as follows:

$30.00 for an AEG Rental for 1 day of gaming. This includes a fully charged battery and subsequent charges as the battery looses power throughout the gaming day. The AEG will be in acceptable working order. It is the Customers responsibility to look over, test fire and examine the AEG before he/she accepts the rental agreement for the said AEG. Once the customer leaves the rental area, the AEG is their responsibility until returned to the rental area.

A $30.00 deposit is required for the Rental of each AEG. The deposit will be returned at the end of the Rental day after the AEG is examined by a Ground Zero Airsoft USA employee and it is determined that the AEG is being returned in the same condition as when rented. Any repairs to a broken AEG that is found to be the fault of a rental customer by a representative of Ground Zero Airsoft USA will be taken out of the deposit for the said AEG, not to exceed the original $30.00 deposit . In the case of a repair, the customer will not be charged any labor fees.

The cost of bbs for the Rental Customer is as follows:

One bag of approved Rental bbs at the cost of $15.00 per bag. At the end of the rental day, any purchased bbs are the property of the customer.

Store Hours and Contact Info


Our current hours are as follows:

Wolcott Ct Store 
1254 Wolcott rd, Wolcott Ct
Phone 203-879-7766
Monday:           Closed
Tuesday:           Closed
Wednesday:     12pm-6pm
Thursday:         12pm-6pm
Friday:              12pm-6pm
Saturday:         10am-5pm
Sunday:            9am-5pm

We offer a wide variety of airsoft replicas from Pistols to rifles. Electric and gas. We also offer upgrade and repair services to help create the gun of your dreams.

Tech Fee
$35 repair/upgrade fee for guns purchased in store. (Receipt required)
$55 per hour repair/upgrade fee for guns purchased elsewhere